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Pacome Training is a training studio specialized in fitness and fighting sports. Mainly known for its friendly atmosphere and excellent service, our team promise you to have a unique experience while helping you achieving your goals. 



Pacome Training provides you a wide range of services that will help you achieve any goal. 

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, learn how to defend yourself or relax after a long day, we’ll meet all your needs. 

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Pacome Tagbo, founder of Studio Pacome Training, is a passionate trainer and hardworker who always gives his 100%. He will make sure he and his team provide the best service so they can reach their goals while feeling like home.



1 MONTH - $160

3 MONTHS - $130

6 MONTHS - $110

9 MONTHS - $95

12 MONTHS - $88


1 MONTH - $125

3 MONTHS - $105

6 MONTHS - $90

9 MONTHS - $75

12 MONTHS - $68

All memberships include: consultation, picture and weigh-in (before/after to track progress), program and nutritional advises

Students must be full-time and show a valid student ID



I met Pacome when he started training at the gym 7 years ago. I watched how his classes grew. It started as a class that only had female members to a class that now has equal amount of male and female participants if not more. Pacome motivates you to push yourself further each time. He challenges you to do your best for yourself. "It's between you and you alone. Don't cheat with yourself" is his famous saying just before he starts the class. Over the years I've pushed my limits and continue to do so as I advance to more challenging outdoor <strong>Pacome Training</strong> Bootcamps. It is not easy and requires a lot of discipline on my part but it always feels rewarding at the end. It is also a plus to form a camaraderie with the other members who are there with similar goals as me. We draw strength from each other and support one another along the way. For now I'll continue to push myself to do better each time for I'm the one who stands to benefit the most from it.


Pacome training, you changed my life for the better! What I love  most about Pacome team is that they push you to your limit. They genuinely care about you and I'd like to say THANK YOU for the best years! 

I don't see myself anywhere else, because Pacome Training is home ❤

Oh and always remember: it's between YOU YOU and nobody else


5475 Rue Paré #106,

Montréal, QC

H4P 1P7

Tél : +1 (514) 998-9026



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